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Saturday, June 5

Navigating a new city; or when public transportation succeeds

Today I ventured for the first time out on my own into the city, in seek of a proper coffee shop. Using 511.org's excellent Trip Planner, I was able to plan my route, boarding first the 38 on Geary and then the 23 which took me into the heart of the Mission District.

After I'd logged my five hours of sedentary work and after I'd polished off two large 1/2 and 1/2 coffees, plotting and executing the return trip left me no worse for wear again using the Trip Planner. I simply boarded the 23 at Protrero and 20th and stayed on until Turk and Arguello... Practically door to door service! And the return trip brought me to such great heights both literally and figuratively that the 45-minute ride was something of a welcome rest, rather than a boring or tedious excursion.

It's nice to know that all the credit that I gave to BART in choosing to come out here seems to be panning out... and reaffirming my gross suspicions that Pittsburgh's transit system is not only in need of a major overhaul but is actually bringing the city down with it.


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