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Friday, February 11

Jon Stewart taking on the media; the media proving him right
Jon Stewart on CrossfireJon Stewart continues to impress me. He's generally not an ass, he's more-often-than-not self-deprecating and is on a mission... badass!

Of course, his mission is not an easy one, and it's one that I doubt he chose for himself. No, reclaiming corporate media for Generation I couldn't possibly be a self-imposed burden... it's one of those destinies that just happens to find you.

Anyway, if you haven't seen it, you really should grab this torrent and take a gander at Stewart taking on the cretin hosts of Crossfire (or so they come off during this heated exchange). You really owe it to yourself.

When you're done, go take a look at how CNN proves him right. 'The Power of CNN Under Your Command' is the news media's version of TBS' "very funny" campaign. Now, I don't even watch much TV, but when I happened to see the TBS ads rebranding the channel as the "funny" channel, it made me shudder. The ads were just stupid... and TBS is just not funny.

So today when I come across CNN doing the same thing, my stomach turned. What the hell are they thinking? As if the failure of the various news media outlets to report real news wasn't enough... now they're blatantly entering into the entertainment business?! I mean, I can only imagine what this will do to repair the "credibility".

Of course, my whole complaint is instantly put into proper context once you realize that... surprise, surprise CNN is owned by TBS' parent company, Time Warner Interactive.

Given that fact, it would seem that the 'tbs very funny' campaign is working. And now Time Warner is hoping that a similar technique applied to CNN will bring back its ratings.


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